Online Sketchup training

Full training in Sketchup software by interior architects

This training is identical to the face-to-face training.
Build up your knowledge of the software, starting with the basics and moving on to practical examples of complete house and flat interior modelling.
Take advantage of our 8 years of experience with the software and discover our method, which has been adapted and designed for interior designers and architects.


Downloading our training course entitles you to 2 half-hour videoconferences halfway through and at the end of the course, to make sure you understand everything and to get our technical support if you need it. At that point, we will be able to answer any questions you may have.

The programme

950 € HT - 16 modules to view


  • This course is designed by interior designers for interior designers. You’ll find all the advice and tips you need for designing plans and 3D! It’s an intense course that we’re keen to make fun and accessible.
  • Sketchup is one of the leading CAD (computer-aided design) software packages. It is used by architects, interior designers and decorators to build 3D projects.
  • Its use is a real asset, and sets it apart from the competition. In particular, it is indispensable for producing technical plans, kitchens and made-to-measure furniture. It enables designers to bring their ideas to life and allows customers to project themselves before the work begins.

  • Overview of the main Sketchup tabs
  • Adjusting the horizontal and vertical toolbars
  • Setting work units
  • Navigating in Sketchup

  • Creating lines
  • Presentation of inferences
  • Creating faces from coplanar edges

  • The Rectangle tool
  • The Circle tool
  • The Polygon tool
  • The Circle Arc tool
  • The Offset Tool
  • The Dimension tool
  • The Meter / Guide tool


  • The Push tool, creating volume in Sketchup
  • The Move tool, moving objects and graphic elements


  • Joining elements in Sketchup
  • Subdivide in Sketchup
  • Mirroring objects

  • Creating a plan with dimensions


  • Creating an object library
  • Downloading components
  • Modifying and scaling components


  • The Follow Me tool
  • The Rotate Tool
  • The Eraser tool
  • The Paint Pot Tool, Applying textures in Sketchup


  • Positioning components, Copying objects in Sketchup
  • Focal length adjustment
  • Positioning the camera to create your scene
  • Styles
  • Shadows
  • Exporting scenes to Sketchup

  • Creating a studio from foundations to finish

  • The Meter
  • Creating Groups
  • Creating scenes
  • Styles, shadows and exporting scenes


  • Creating tags to organise components and groups

  • Creating layout plans
  • Creation of floor plans
  • Creation of partitioning plans


  • Creating Sections and Elevations in Sketchup

  • 3D design of the ground floor of a house


  • Creating your own made-to-measure home furniture

  • After this course, you’ll have all the skills you need to use sketchup correctly and create your most beautiful projects.

The agency

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La certification qualité a été délivrée au titre de la catégorie d'action suivante : ACTIONS DE FORMATION